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Rhinestones... we've got you covered

You Bring It - We Bling It

Tutorials & Advice

Rhinestones... we've got you covered

You Bring It - We Bling It

Why do we sell our rhinestones by 1/4 packs?

To make picking and packing more time-efficient and streamlined....... Basically, if we are splitting our packs by weight and not counting rhinestones, we can can focus on serving our customers better! And what does this mean for you? Well, time-efficiency means we can sell our quarter packs at wholesale prices, but you don't have to buy wholesale quantities! You get the savings without having to buy the full 1440 packs!! Did you ever just wish you could buy a half pack? Well, now you can - just add 2 x 1/4 packs to your cart!

Swarovski® crystal elements are sold by 100pce packs and wholesale packs are pre-order only.

What makes us different?

First and foremost, we are designers. We aim to push our own creative boundaries by coming up with original and innovative ideas through design and product development.  We love every opportunity to share and pass on our knowledge to clients and are inspired by the concepts and ideas they bring to us. 

As online retailers of rhinestone products, we want to be more than a faceless website with product listings. We want to connect with our customers: share ideas, pass on knowledge, and celebrate our shared love of making everything super sparkly..... seriously, it make us warm and fuzzy inside. 

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xox Ella & Rita Fontaine

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