fontaine.fontaine Downloadable Rhinestone Templates

"simple tools, beautiful designs"

We have been designing and embellishing costumes for years and when it comes to rhinestoning; I can't tell you how many times we've thought "there has got to be a better/faster/easier way to do this!"
It has always been our objective to create beautiful and dazzling designs and now we have developed a set of tools to make rhinestoning: easier, faster, cleaner and extraordinary. Now, you can too!
We are proud to present our first line of rhinestones stencils and downloadable templates. 

Your fontainefontaine template is a digital file and not a physical product. Your download link will be sent as part of your Order Confirmation email. You will not receive any product in the mail.
Recommended for sheer fabrics only with no to low stretch. Recommended glues: tacky or gel-based. 


Instructions for use:
Instructional material can be found on our Tutorials and Inspiration page Instructional videos can be viewed on our YouTube Channel or in our Facebook Group: Rhinestone Nerd. Sign up to our Creative Hub: Rhinestone Nerd for access!

Follow our work and share your designs with us at @extraordinaryfontainefontaine and our facebook page : Crystal Queen Rhinestones
Xx Ella & Rita Fontaine