Stencils - Technical Info


Our fontainefontaine stencils can be used with a range of glues, however, we recommend glues that are tacky and fast drying. Liquid or runny glues are messy to work with. Do not use super glue!

Our favourite: E6000 Fabri-fuse - tacky, dries clear, no fumes.

2nd favourite: E6000 Clear 1oz - fast drying, effective adhesive, can be sticky.

Tips for use: keep the tip clean at all times, use a small tip or syringe to apply glue. Definitely: watch our "How To" videos before using your stencil. 

Heat Resistant: 

Our stencils are heat resistant and can be used with a heat fix tool or iron. Please do not expose the stencil to the heat fix tool for more than 5 seconds. When using an iron, place a sheet of fabric over the top to protect the stencil. Do not expose the stencil to heat for long periods of time. Do not iron directly on to the stencil - it will melt!

T-shirt press / heat press: we use our press at a maximum of 155 degrees celsius for no longer than 55 seconds. We also protect the stencil with a sheet of baking paper, fabric or teflon paper. Higher temperatures and/or prolonged exposure to heat may result in melting the stencil. 


Many glues can be peeled off the plastic stencil. Alternatively, rub an eraser or use a plastic scraper over the template to lift up the glue. 

Stencils can also be washed in warm water with detergent. Use a toothbrush to clean off the clue. 

Tutorials & Instructions for use:

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Xx Ella & Rita Fontaine

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