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Your fontainefontaine template is a digital file and not a physical product. Your download link will be sent as part of your Order Confirmation email. You will not receive any product in the mail.

fontainefontaine dowloadable templates are not compatible with design software programs. No software or cutting machines are required for use. Simply print in colour at 100% at "actual size". 

Recommended for sheer fabrics only with no to low stretch. Recommended glues: tacky or gel-based. Liquid or runny glues are messy to work with. Do not use super glue!

Our favourite: E6000 Fabri-fuse - tacky, dries clear, no fumes.

2nd favourite: E6000 Clear 1oz - fast drying, effective adhesive, can be sticky.

Tips for use: keep the tip clean at all times, use a small tip or syringe to apply glue. Definitely: watch our "How To" videos before using your template.

Instructions for use:

Instructional material can be found on our Tutorials and Inspiration page 
Instructional videos can be viewed on our YouTube Channel: Crystal Queen& fontainefontaine or in our Facebook Group: Rhinestone Nerd. Sign up to our Creative Hub for access!

Follow our work and share your designs with us at @extraordinaryfontainefontaine and our facebook page : Crystal Queen Rhinestones
Xx Ella & Rita Fontaine

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