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fontainefontaine Rhinestone Stencils  
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fontainefontaine Rhinestone Downloadable Templates 
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Colour Inspiration 
Where do I start? What colours should I use? Click here for a  combination of crystal colours and sizes to inspire you. Need some advice? Contact us with photos of your project and we will help you with your choices, XOX Ella & Rita 

How do I choose my colours?
Customers often ask for help choosing colours, so here is a little video we made with some suggestions. We like to use 2-3 colours in our designs. Think of it like colouring your hair; you have your base colour, a low light and and highlight. Try using a special effect for a more dynamic design, and 3 or more sizes for a "dewey" effect, rather than polka-dot! Be brave! Try using opposite colours on the colour wheel. Or compliment your existing design with similar tones xElla & Rita

Getting Started
Check out our  YouTube Channel for a video that will show you what you need to get started with your project 

Tools: Using a syringe for glue
Stop glue wastage and have cleaner results by using plastic syringes - pick them up from your local chemist 

How many crystals / rhinestones do I need? 
Here we will add examples of our work with the quantity of crystals that we used. We hope our examples will help you with your planning

What is the difference between crystals and rhinestones?
The term "crystal" refers to the product made specifically by Swarovski®. Swarovski® crystal elements are a branded product that is of premium quality and give incomparable sparkle and vivid colour. Under stage lights, these babies are dazzling! Swarovski@ crystals are man made from highly refined glass and not sourced from the ground.

The term "rhinestone" refers to any other (non-branded) glass product on the market. These can vary in quality and design and can be sourced worldwide.

What is a DMC rhinestone?
Many rhinestones are bought under the name DMC. DMC means Die Mould Cut. It relates to they way they are manufactured and quality and origin vary. Our  rhinestones are high quality and have great colour and sparkle. It has taken a number of years for us to find a supplier with consistently good product.

Why is Swarovski crystal so expensive?
Swarovski's patented cutting machine then allows for a technology-driven cut that creates a high refraction index in the crystals. Swarovski crystals are more expensive than regular glass because of its fine materials and a complicated manufacturing process

How much is a gross of rhinestones?
There are 144 pieces in a gross.

How many rhinestones in a wholesale / bulk pack?
There are 1440 pieces in a wholesale or bulk pack for sizes SS4-SS20 and 288 in packs of SS30-34. These packs are also referred to as factory packs


How many rhinestones in a factory pack?
There are 1440 pieces in a factory pack for sizes SS4-SS20 and 288 in packs of SS30-34. 

We sell our packs by weight, and by quarter packs: 

Sizes: SS10 to SS20:
1 x pack approx. 360 pces
2 x packs approx. 720 pces
3 x packs approx. 1080 pces
Whole pack = 1440 pces 
Size SS30
1 x pack approx. 72 pces
2 x packs approx. 144 pces
3 x packs approx. 216 pces
Whole pack = 288 pces 

What does SS mean in rhinestones and crystals?
SS stands for "Stone Size". SS sizes are used exclusively for Swarovski round stones and flatback rhinestones. MM stands for "Millimeters".


Need more inspiration?
Here are some of our sketches with rhinestones

Need more advice? We are a wholesale and small quantity rhinestone business based in Brisbane, Australia. We are always looking for opportunities to share and help our clients. Let us know how we can help you with your rhinestone design, and sign up to our Creative Hub!

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